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1. To satisfy the SSA that disabled DL does not have available assets which render her ineligible for an otherwise already perfected and approved (on medical grounds) SSI (which includes MA) application, and obtain immediate approval, backpayment and monthly payment of SSI for Doris. Hennepin County/the state are subordinate to the SSA and will follow SSA decision.

2. To immediately insure that (mother) AL’s judgment of $31,000.00 odd is repaid from funds in the special needs trust, and any other available assets, inclusive the annuity owned by Doris, which may have a minimal value and which pays out starting in 2019, with any remainder being paid from disabled DL’s SSI backpayment.

3. At some point or future point, if possible, set up a special needs trust for disabled DL, from funds owned by (mother) AL, with the specific agreement that disabled DL will not make any inheritance or future claims on (mother) AL’s assets or estate, because of the special needs trust established.

4. At some point or future point, if possible, set up educational trusts for the two granddaughters (on the daughter of (mother) AL’s son and the other being disabled DL’s daughter, (disabled person's daughter) KL) of (mother) AL; in a manner that will not impact on disabled DL’s SSI and MA benefits.

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